Wheel of Discovery Template

It’s time for another Friday Freebie!!!  This one is a quiz show template which you can use to ask questions in a fun interactive way during a presentation, or use it for eLearning purposes to let the learner dictate which questions they respond to.


Based on the TV show wheel of fortune – which is hopefully obvious from the picture, the dial rotates.  Each of the segments is then hyperlinked to a questions slide – I’ll let you add in your own questions!  If you have problems hyperlinking the shapes and / or text drop me a comment below and I’ll help you out.

There is a macro on the button on page 2 which  spins the dial when the reader presses the button.  IMPORTANT: In order to upload the presentation to WordPress, I have had to change the extension of the file as wordpress does not support PowerPoint 2010 macro enabled files.  I’ve saved it as PPT (old version) instead of PPTM.  You can download it here.  You should be able to open the file with PowerPoint 2010 and then save it as a *.pptm file.  I’ve also uploaded a *.pptx version here as well, just in case you run into problems.  You will simply need to add the macro to the button in the usual way.  The vba is posted below:

Private Sub Spin_Click()
Dim oshp As Shape
Dim adjRot As Integer
Dim i As Integer
adjRot = Int((Rnd * 360) + 1)
Set oshp = ActivePresentation.Slides(2).Shapes("myWheel")
With oshp
For i = 1 To adjRot
.IncrementRotation 1
Next i
End With
End Sub


+Alesandra Blakeston



Having thought about it some more, I’ve decided to upload the *.pptm version to my microsoft live drive.  You can access it here: Wheel of Discovery.pptm

You can view the preview here, but again the macro will not work.  You’ll need to download it to see the macro in action.


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