The building of stories

Found this great video / animation on SlideShare, created initially (I think) with Prezzi, about telling stories by Big Fish Productions.  It’s a great example of visual communication and gets the message across easily.   Unfortunately, you cannot embed Slideshare videos on WordPress, so I can only post the link:

The building of stories

In order to tell a story…

In order to tell a story...


What do you think?

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Leading Innovative Change – George Couros

Loved this presentation by George Couros: Leading innovative change on

I really appreciated the letter to Santa:

Santa letter

And this quote by Atul Gawande:

new normsWhat did you like?

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Shoot for the stars – Richard Branson

Shoot for the stars

“Whatever business you are in, every company can shoot for the stars in their own way.” Richard Branson

Saw this on Google+ and liked the imagery and the message, so I thought I would share it!


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Here is today

Here is today

Just loving this data visualisation.  It’s so simple, so clear and yet so very very cool!  I’ve just included three of the many visualisations from the site below – so please check out the original in its entirety complete with sliding animated effects

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Bubbles PowerPoint template

I’ve just finished a couple of PowerPoint templates for a friend, and thought since she decided not to use one, I would post it as a freebie. It’s got a retro feel, which is quite popular right now. All of the icons, pictures and colours etc. can be adjusted as you wish! I’ve also posted the *.pptx version here.


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