What are your presentation fears

Do you create great PowerPoint or Keynote slides?  If not, why not?  This SlideShare by Esprezo looks at 5 of the main fears people have when making presentations that lead them to creating just awful slides.  What’s your greatest presentation fear?

  1. Fear of short content
  2. Fear of simplistic design and whitespace
  3. Fear of experimenting
  4. Fear of stealing from others
  5. Fear of feedback

Hope it helps!

+Alesandra Blakeston

There are a thousand no’s for every yes – apple simplicity

Those who know me, know that I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone and not very far indeed without my iPad.  That being said, I saw this video on YouTube today and just loved the simplicity.  The design of this video / presentation is just flawless.  Lines, circles, animation, flat design and skeumorphic design all flowing seamlessly together…  As a whole, it makes an incredible statement.  Hope you like it as much as I do!


If everyone is busy making everything,

How can anyone perfect anything?

We start to confuse convenience with joy,

Abundance with choice.

Designing something requires focus

The first thing we ask is

What do we want people to feel?

Delight, surprise, love, connection.

Then we begin to craft around our intention

It takes time

There are a thousand no’s for every yes.

We simplify, we perfect, we start over

Until everything we touch

Enhances each life it touches.

Only then, do we sign our work

Designed by apple in Califormia

Alesandra Blakeston

Steve jobs quotes

Just loved this presentation on Slideshare.net by Stinson Design.

Some really great quotes by Steve Jobs!


How to make a Great Presentation!

Posted this earlier on Slideshare.net, but I thought I’d also post it here, so my loyal readers can have access to the PowerPoint 2010 PPTX file.  Here it is.  Enjoy!

Alesandra Blakeston