Coin chart in Excel 2010

Whether you are presenting total spend, or simply analyzing spend over time, using the right chart is always key. If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you will have seen the dollar chart & total spend chart I created a while back:

Create a dollar graph using an overlay image as the fill of a series plotted on the secondary axisdollar chart 3

Both of these charts show the breakdown of expenditure over a set period. However one thing I haven’t shown you (yet) is a chart showing spend over time like the one below. This chart uses a simple coin edge graphic to show the amount spent each month.

Coin chart

I’m not going to post the how to, as I think it’s pretty simple, but it just shows you what using the right graphic can do to help present your data.  Without saying a single word you can tell immediately that this chart is about money…

Hope you like it, you can download the example worksheet here.

+Alesandra Blakeston

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