A to Z of awesome Excel

IMG_0143.PNGI’ve been posting for a while now, and it has to be said, my most popular posts are usually the ones I do on Excel. Since I have now got over 300 posts on this blog and 50+ on Excel alone, I thought I would compile an A to Z of all things Excel from my blog. Hope you like it!

A is for area intersect line charts
B is for bands as in confidence bands
C is for combination stacked clustered charts
D is for dollar charts
E is for Europe
F is for formatting – conditional of course!
G is for graphic equalizers
H is for hidden excel sheets
I is for interactivity
J is for jaws
K is for KPIs shown perfectly in these bullet charts
L is for linear bubble charts
M is for milestone timelines
N is for negative waterfall charts
O is for overlap in bubble charts
P is for picture axes
Q is for quartiles seen in box plot charts
R is for rising stars in this BCG matrix
S is for square pie charts
T is for total spend
U is for ui as in metro ui dashboard
V is for visual spreadsheets
W is for world map bubble pie charts
X is for XY scatter charts
Y is for YOY charts
IMG_0144.PNGZ is for z charts – coming soon!


+Alesandra Blakeston

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