Embedding YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2010

If you’ve ever tried to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2010, you’ve probably come across a snag or two.  Depending on which update you’ve had, the embed procedure directly from microsoft may or may not work.  If it doesn’t here is my step by step method on how to do it!

Find your video on You Tube

For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8npy2oAmyU

Go to the video and then click on the Share tab


Then click on the Embed Tab


Make sure that “Use old embed code” is highlighted.  You can also uncheck the “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” – it looks more professional at the end of the video.  Change the video size etc and then use Ctrl+C to copy the embed code highlighted in blue in the picture above.

Open PowerPoint

Open PowerPoint and go to the slide where you want to embed the video.

Click on the “Insert” tab of the ribbon and then click on the small down arrow beneath “Video”.

insert video

Choose the option “Video from Web Site.”  A new menu box will appear.

paste code

Click inside the menu box and press Ctrl+V to paste the embed code.  The code will look similar to the following:code

You’ll see in the picture above that I have highlighted in blue some parts of the code.  This is because for PowerPoint to embed the video, these parts need to be changed.

  • The quote marks before the address need to be changed to http:
  • The version number 3 needs to be changed to 2

Once you’ve pasted the code and made the amendments, you can press the Insert button.

Check the video

This version of the player doesn’t automatically show a play bar, so press F5 to view the slide, then wait for PowerPoint to contact YouTube and set up the player.  A play button should eventually appear.  When it does, press the button to check the video plays correctly.  Note: You can also click on the video, and go to the Playback tab in the Video Tools menu and press play.  This will add the bar so you can test it outside of slideshow mode.

And that’s it.  Hope it helps!

+Alesandra Blakeston


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