Projeqt: superior presentations

This week I was introduced to Projeqt. I have to say I am LOVING it.  You can see an introductory video from the makers of Projeqt below:

You can of course upload existing presentations and pdfs to create new presentations and show them online, but I think what I love most is its ability to incorporate so many different tools into the presentation!  It can store images, videos, documents and even social media feeds.  You can use stacks to create non-linear presentations and much more.  Creation of a new deck is very easy with the drag and drop feature as well.  I quickly created a couple of presentations so you can see what I mean.

This first one was created by uploading an existing presentation:
How to make  Great Presentation Slides

This second one incorporates my twitter feed and my blog’s rss feed:
Who am I? Alesandra

Every presentation can be shared or even made private.  Unfortunately, doesn’t yet allow you to embed Projeqt files – but soon I hope!
+Alesandra Blakeston

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