5 great free photo sites

One of the many questions I get about my blog is:

“Where do you get your images from?”

In actual fact I get them from a myriad of sources.  Depending on what I am wanting to do with the image will depend on where I get them from.  In terms of photos though, you can find my top 5 resources below:

1. Unsplash

One new site that I recently added to my list was Unsplash

Optimized-unsplashUnsplash sends you a weekly summary of new images that have been added to the site.  All photos on the site are CC0, and are free to use in any way you wish!  Very useful.  The authors of the images have completely signed their rights away, so the images can be used for corporate as well as personal use.  Made by Oomf it is a great site.

2. morgueFile

As mentioned a few times before on my site, I also use morgueFile. Again all of the images are completely free, and can be used for corporate or personal use.  morgueFile is by the same team that makes dreamstime (a paid image site).

Optimized-morguefile3. Photl

Another great one, especially for photos of people, is Photl. Unfortunately these photos are only for personal use, and not commercial, but there are still some great images here.  there is also a maximum in terms of downloads per day of 10MB.


4. SXC

I think everyone knows this site: SXC.  SXC was launched in February 2001 as an alternative for expensive stock photography. The idea was to create a site where creative people could exchange their photos for inspiration or work.  You have to be a member to download, but the library is huge.  It’s linked with iStockPhoto as well.

Optimized-stock5. Stockvault

Stockvault has over 44,000 photos for you to choose from.  Again these images are for personal and educational use, but the quality is outstanding.  The site also has a great blog that I have found useful.

Optimized-stockvaultWhat about you?  Where so you get your images from?

+Alesandra Blakeston


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