Great and funny advertisements

I have to say I normally hate advertising with a passion.  Especially when it interrupts my favourite television show or movie.  That being said, I saw these really great advertisements and I couldn’t help but share them.

Generally speaking, though, I suspect that depending on when the readers see an advert and how great it is, will depend on whether they love or hate it.  For an advertisement to be great, it must be bold, easy to read and memorable.  Less is definitely more.  It needs to strike a chord within the minds and hearts of the readers.  It needs to impress the viewer / reader.   While humour is always a plus point, it needs to meet taste standards as well as meeting everyone’s sense of humour.  Very very difficult, which is why when I saw these I had to share:

Getty images

Tagline: Images In Real-Time from the Olympics

getty image

Mylanta antacid

Tagline: Relieves indigestion & wind fast.

Mylanta antacid

Alka Seltzer

Tagline: Hangover is dangerous

alka seltzer


Tagline: Clean laundry, even with cold wash.


B&B hotels

B&B hotels

Don Pion flowers delivery

Tagline: Make an impression. Like Van Gogh did it.

Don Pion


Tagline: Natural finish colours





Tagline: For workache


Neo Rheumacyl Forte

Tagline: For unbearable joint pain

Joint Pain

Which did you like?  Did you want to buy the product?

+Alesandra Blakeston

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