Weekly Photo Challenge: (fleeting)

I have to admit, I’ve never actually participated in one of WordPress’ challenges, whether it be daily or weekly, but this week’s subject actually inspired me!  The challenge this week is to take a photograph depicting what the word fleeting means to you:


However, I am no photographer.  So instead I’ve put together a vector drawing with the help of Inkscape.  Before I show it to you though, I’d like to explain why I put this image together. 

I have a team of interns that change every year.  During the course of their internship; they change from being students to engineers, hopefully with more confidence and a better awareness of the business world.  Seeing them grow, watching the promise of a bright career begin to unfold is just great and it inspires me a lot.  My team are currently just over half way through their internships, and have started to update and improve their resumes etc.  It seems like only yesterday when they were all shy and quiet, unsure of themselves and looking for guidance.  Of course, it is this first impression and those first few weeks being new that is fleeting

Soon they will be going to their graduation ceremonies and will be leaving my team; hopefully to other positions within the company I work for (Saint-Gobain)!  Perhaps in the future they’ll be working with new interns themselves.  Life is after all a journey of new things and continuous learning!  I have to say though, I am so very proud of what they have accomplished already. 

Some of them are nervous about life after they get their degree / masters; others are excited.  Either way; it’s time. For those that are nervous, for those that are excited, I just want to tell them that they are ready for this next step.  Soon enough the next step will lead to another, so they should try to enjoy this fleeting moment while they can, and get as much out of it as they can, both professionally and personnally.  And that’s it:


Alesandra Blakeston

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