Introduction to Lean Six Sigma & DMAIC

I’ve been asked to put together a basic (and therefore relatively quick) introduction to Lean Six Sigma & DMAIC.  While it’s not yet finished, I thought I would put it out there for people to comment on.  Since the presentation is supposed to be training material there’s more text on the slides than I would prefer, but there are a few exercises and games to get the trainees involved.

I’ve put the PowerPoint version: Lean, 6sigma and DMAIC here if you want to download it, but as I said, it’s not yet finished!  You should be able to see the slides as images in the gallery below.  You can stop and start the slideshow as you wish using the buttons.  Once complete I will also put the presentation on Slideshare.  But for now, here you go!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know what you think!
by +Alesandra Blakeston

3 thoughts on “Introduction to Lean Six Sigma & DMAIC

  1. It’s amazing for me to have a website, which is beneficial for my know-how. thanks admin

  2. My thoughts? I think your slides look great! I do agree that some of them have quite a lot of words, though.

    By “training material”, will these be self-paced, or will you stand up and present them? I assume the latter, in which case I think the text will compete with you for people’s attention.

    For instance, on the champs/black belts/green belts slide, why not just have 3 graphics to represent the 3 roles, remove all the text, and then just say it all yourself? That way the slide reinforces the main concept, but people have to focus on you for all the content. (You can always use Presenter View to see all your notes while you’re presenting.)

    Nancy Duarte and others recommend no more than 3 seconds of content per slide (or per build).

    I reckon 3 seconds amounts to just 15 words or so, which obviously isn’t a lot!

    Anyway, on the visual side of things, I really like the simple colour scheme and the grey gradient background, which make your slides look very cohesive and professional.

    I must say I admire you for putting your slides out there for public comment. And I hope you find my comments helpful.

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