Your favourite quotes

I’ve recently posted a few presentations containing my favourite quotes on change, training, development, motivation, leadership and success. Since then a few people have emailed me their favourite quotes, so I thought I would put them together for you to view as I found a lot of them to be inspirational.  Please keep them coming!  Here they are on

As always, you can find the downloadable *.pptx version here.

The previous posts can be found here:

Change and innovation quotes
Training Learning and development quotes
Leadership quotes


Alesandra Blakeston

11 thoughts on “Your favourite quotes

  1. It looks like you have an interesting blog! Well, I wondered if you can tell me how to put the presentation as you put it, where we can view the powerpoint in the post. Also, what if each one of us follows the other’s blog? I am waiting for your feedback!

    1. Hello there. So basically I uploaded the presentation to slideshare and then embedded it here using the embed code from slideshare. If you have a Microsoft sky drive, you can also use the PowerPoint add in for WordPress. There is another add in as well which allows you to view any document that has been uploaded to Scribd,

      What do you mean by cover?

  2. First of all, thank you a lot for your quick feedback, also, by cover I mean when I first view your amazing blog, I see under the title some words like Leadership, Management etc., and they are put in a very neat and nice way, and I guess that it is also called Header.

    1. Inkscape is open source, but it is strictly regulated and tested prior to being released. I’ve been using it for years with no issues. Have a look. The have FAQs on the site to answer this.

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