What’s the story?

Saw a great post yesterday, that I intend to use as a short fun creative thinking exercise.  You can find it here:  Hieroglyphics by Francisco Javier Zambonino Vázquez.

The basic premise is to use a series of hieroglyphics and ask each trainee / individual to describe what the story is behind the hieroglyphics.  Obviously this will be really subjective, and the more hieroglyphics used, the more possibilities there are.

Francisco has created his own hieroglyphics and I also intend to do this, but since I’m just playing with the idea, I downloaded this font: The Nile Song by Intellecta design.  It’s free for commercial use, meaning that I can very quickly put together  a “story” and some examples!

Creative_Hieroglyphics (2)

Once you have several hieroglyphics together, it gets more complicated!


My intention is to give a prize to the person in my team that is the most creative in their story!  I haven’t decided yet whether to give them short examples as in the picture above, or to simply give them a lot of hieroglyphs as in the picture below and let them find their own.  What do you think?  How many different stories can you find in the text below?


Alesandra Blakeston


2 thoughts on “What’s the story?

  1. Alesandra, what an awesome way to communicate with your audience as a speaker. It would seem to me that if you had short messages delivered like this they may remember them more. What do you think?

    1. I’m leaning in that direction Tina. I think it will really be memorable and at the same time be really interesting to see what the audience reads before you speak! Thanks for stopping by!

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