Creating a customised Google Map

If you have a lot of training programs in a specific venue or you want to give a new recruit directions to your workplace, or even just to invite some friends around for a drink, Google maps is probably the first place you will turn.  Did you know however, that you can create your own customised Google Map?  This can be really useful if your training takes place in several locations, or if you have a corporate shuttle for example.

Step 1: Create a Google account

If you don’t already have one, you will need a Google account to use this feature.  Once you’ve created an account, go to

Step 2: Find your location

Once on Google Maps, use the search bar to find the location of your workplace / google maps

Zoom in using the normal controls, and decide if you want an aerial view with photos or a street map view.

Step 3: Create a custom map

Click on the “My places” buttonMy Places

Click on the “Create map” button that appears:create map

(There’s also an interactive tutorial to watch (created by Google) if you want as shown in the picture above.)

Give your map a title, a description and choose to make it public or private.  Title

Step 4: Add pointers, text and lines

At the top left of the map, some new buttons should be visible.  You can use these to add pointers, icons, lines and text to the map.pointers


In addition to using the standard icons from Google, you can also add your own pictures / icons using ones already posted on the web.  You can even use or a similar site to upload any images not on the web and then add the icon into Google maps from there.

Create links to other websites, for example wikipedia if you want to give the reader more information.

Step 5: Invite collaborators

If you choose to make the map private, you can invite people to participate in the map, and choose what level of access they have:collaborators

Step 6: Finish

Once you’ve finished your adaptations, added your text etc, click on the Done button.  Your map should now be saved in “My places” and be available for your collaborators to view / edit.  The map is of course fully interactive and can even be embedded in your own web page if you wish!  I’ve even embedded one in a PowerPoint presentation using the LiveWeb add in, which allows you to interact with a web page live whilst viewing a slide show.

Some interesting examples on the web:

America’s highway

Olympic host cities

Hawaii Hikes and Surfing



Alesandra Blakeston

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