New Google images… And how to get the best out of your searches

Firstly let me give a huge disclaimer…

Google images can be great to find an image, but you should always check the copyright and licence before use!!!

That being said… 

Basic searches

Everyone knows how to type in a search into Google images.  If you want a picture of a spaceship, type in the word spaceship and that is what you will get, 1,000s of pictures of spaceships.


The new functions, however grant you a different way to preview those images.  If you hover over the picture, a small information bar appears at the bottom of the image showing the title of the image, the domain name it comes from, and the image size.


If you click on the image, you get a larger sized preview in an inline panel, plus the additional detail.  The image name and the domain name are direct hyperlinks and there are also 2 new buttons, “View page” and “View original image”, making four links to be used instead of the original two.  Since there is no additional screen loading, the experience is much faster and more effective. What I really like about this is that you can use your keyboard to scroll to the next image really quickly!!!  You can also click on another thumbnail, if you wish.

Once you’ve finished with the image, close the preview using the X button


Search tools

What most people don’t realise though is how powerful Google images really is.  As with any Google search, you can use the advanced search syntax to narrow down your search. For example, look for “spaceship –NASA” to avoid any NASA shuttles in your results, “Spaceship OR shuttle OR starship” to find images containing any of these words, etc. To access even further options, choose “Advanced search” from the cogwheel menu.


You can also click on the search tools button for more options and create some quick filters for your search… You can choose the size of the image and the overall colour as well as searching for clip art, drawings or photos.


If you want to look only for *.svg files, and don’t want to use the advanced search feature, enter “filetype:svg” after your query.  By doing this, not only will you get only the file type you need, but a new option will also be added to the Search tools, which you can use to switch the filter to other file types such as *.jpg, *gif, *.bmp and more.


Finally, if for some reason you really miss the old layout, getting it back is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is enter a search as you normally would, then scroll the page all the way to the bottom. Once there, find the “Switch to basic version” link, and voila. You have the good old image search back.


3 thoughts on “New Google images… And how to get the best out of your searches

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