Wordle and word clouds – an alternative to bullet points?

Found this interesting tool on the web yesterday and have been playing with it a little…   Be very careful – it is addictive!!!


You can create some very beautiful word clouds very quickly as shown below using the create tab (1st example) or advanced tab (second example) to weight (and colour if you wish) the specific words:

110 109

If you google the words web cloud you will find some fabulous images, some created to form specific shapes as well…


However, it occurred to me that the kind of idea could look really interesting on a PowerPoint slide instead of bullet points.  For example when you just cannot find enough pictures or media, or when you want to emphasise specific words…

Obviously there is no order in the static images created on Wordle, so if you need a structured slide then this will not work so well for you, but for example, say you wanted to convey an idea or market a product a word cloud could be quite interesting on the slide.  Obviously if you create it in Wordle then once you’ve done a screenshot, it is difficult to animate, but you could for example play with the colours in PowerPoint and make something more animated (see PowerPoint slide attached: wordart).

Of course, you could also do the whole thing in PowerPoint if you are feeling creative and of course then you could animate it much more easily…  And in this case, then you can add order and structure and decide which words appear when and how (see slide 2 attached wordart).

Finally, of course you could do a combination of both techniques and or get really visual like the READ example above and show each letter in turn or only have the final word visible at the end – quite interactive and fun for the viewer. Imagine if you put all of the team’s names or the products your company makes and it spells out your name or your company’s name?  Just an idea!!!

What do you think?

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