Let Them “LOL” with a Funny Visual

I’m a very visual person.  I often joke about my ability to fall asleep if there are no pictures in a report, or if a presentation is all text.  However, the use of visuals has been proven time and time again to reach people more effectively than just words.  As a trainer, I can guarantee this, and it is often said…   A picture tells a thousand words.

I came across this article and it made me think so I thought it would be useful to share!


It is a blog by the creators of smart draw, but if you ignore the shameless product advertising, I think you can get a lot from this article.  I particularly liked the Pacman pie chart!

Some salient points from the article…

  1. Speakers have long known that opening a presentation with a joke or funny anecdote can help their audience connect with them.
  2. Studies show that the mind starts to fatigue after only ten minutes without new stimulus.
  3. Information presented visually is easier to grasp and will be retained for a longer time than the same information presented orally.

Just remember to follow some basic rules of thumb:

  • Let’s face it; you and I are not Robin Williams. If you aren’t comfortable using humour, it may be best not to.
  • Don’t overdo it—it’s a business presentation (or document), not a comedy routine. If you are Robin Williams, you get a pass on this.
  • Match the humour to the audience and the situation. Humour that is appropriate in social situations may not be for a business presentation.
  • Don’t assume anything about your audience—play it safe and don’t offend. (Now I’m thinking none of these apply to Robin Williams.)
  • Avoid industry gossip or negativity about competitors.

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