Playing a video within a shape

I saw this a few days ago and I’m not entirely sure what the added benefit would be, but I thought I would post it as it looks interesting!

The idea is to play a video within a shape.  Obviously it would have to be one of the default shapes of PowerPoint but still, it could be interesting if you wanted to use a rounded rectangle, or a call out bubble perhaps.


The process is actually very simple with PowerPoint 2010.

  1. Insert your video onto a slide.
    • Insert > Video > Video from file
    • 116
  2. FInd the video using the my computer dialog box and click on insert
  3. Then once the video has been imported, click on it to select it
  4. Then to add the shape click on:
    • Video Tools > Video Shape > Any shape
    • 117
  5. I chose the rounded rectangular call out, but it’s readers choice!

You can also add a frame or a shadow etc. in the same way you would a picture / image.


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